Inspired by Bauhaus, crafted by Jaeger:

Discover The Inspiration Behind Jaeger SS19

Although we’re long used to the worlds of architecture, design, fashion and art working together and inspiring one another, not so long ago the arts as we know them were much less collaborative.

Established in Germany in 1919 as a contemporary arts school, the Staatliches Bauhaus, encouraged creative collaboration and blurred the boundaries between previously distinct artistic fields.

The first of its kind, this experimental school started pushing definitions and boundaries from the get go. Supposedly, on the first day of teaching, painter and photographer László Moholy-Nagy gave his students a piece of paper each and asked them to create something from it. An hour later he returned to find an array of beautifully detailed origami animals, snowflakes and cranes. One student, however, had simply folded the paper in half and propped it up like a roof. Moholy-Nagy praised this design as the perfect representation of what paper is: flexible, simple and strong.

The very term ‘Bauhaus’ means ‘building house’ in German and embodies the concept of creating purposeful art that showcases the best qualities of the materials used.

The movement, which became synonymous with clean lines, primary colours and a minimalist aesthetic, is celebrating its centenary this year, having inspired countless creatives from the fashion houses of Celine and Jil Sander, to artists such as Andy Warhol and even Brutalist architecture.

As the inspiration for the designs behind the Jaeger SS19 collection, we are celebrating this iconic period of design and innovation by taking the Jaeger woman on a journey of culture and travel through prints, fabrics, jacquard and knitwear. Design, architecture, paintings, textile art and costumes born out of the Bauhaus movement were studied and used as inspiration to create intricate weaves and geometric prints that celebrate the history of Bauhaus, while bringing the designs into the 21st century.

The iconic Bauhaus-style squares, grid print and circles feature in our Jacquard knits and coats, while graphic black and whites are reimagined in our statement silk Jaeger logo and geo-circle shirts.

The clean lines and geometric cuts of many of the SS19 designs evoke the blocky shapes found in the architecture of Le Corbusier or the furniture designs of Marcel Breuer. When laid flat, these pieces are stark, simple rectangles and squares, but when worn they realize the fluid, soft-tailoring Jaeger is known for.

Powerful primary colours seen in the textile and paint works of Anni Albers and Piet Mondrian form the basis of the SS19 colour palette. Fresh, bright tones of red, blue and yellow encourage the Jaeger woman to be bolder with colour, to experiment with new cuts and not to compromise on design.