Matt Cunningham at the Workshop Gymnasium
Matt Cunningham
Above: Matt Cunningham
Matt Cunningham trying out the VersaClimber
Above: Matt trying out the VersaClimber

Tell us about yourself – what do you do and why are you the best at it?

I’m Matt Cunningham: Performance Coach at Workshop Gymnasium, Bulgari Hotel. We’re all created differently, and we all evolve differently in our bodies through our life. My aim is to understand those unique differences and remove any guess work when delivering high quality results. Our skill is to provide training that our clients enjoy while simultaneously improving postural and mobility deficiencies. Once you can unlock the body in this way, the results can be profound.

What kind of workouts do your clients love the most?

Boxing workouts are constantly growing in popularity for both men and women. It’s a fun way to get your cardio in whilst providing some much needed stress relief.

We’re all created differently – my aim is to understand those unique differences to deliver the best results

What's the best equipment to take Workshop workouts to another level?

The VersaClimber is a personal favourite – if you’ve ever seen Rocky IV, it’s what Ivan Drago uses in his training montage to fight Rocky. It’s full body and it’s a killer. The Battle Ropes are brilliant too – you use your whole body to slam ropes into the ground – it spikes the heart rate for a superior cardio workout and builds great core strength.

How do you get motivated before a killer workout session?

Turn your music up to full volume, then take ten powerful deep breaths to oxygenate the body. You’ll soon feel a rush of endorphins that’ll help prepare you for the challenge.

If you could give everybody one exercise or stretch to do every day, what would it be?

Exos have devised a stretch that has been touted ‘The World’s Greatest Stretch’. If you could do one stretch every day for the rest of your life then this is it. It takes you through a series of movements and active stretches that hit all the important parts to prepare you for the workout.

Describe the breakfast of champions.

Right now, my go-to is a high-fat and protein breakfast with a good portion of greens – so, a spinach omelette with avocado is always a winner for me.

Setting achievable goals will help you build momentum back up for the start of 2017

What are the big trends in nutrition to watch out for?

Bulletproof Coffee is really taking off. Adding grass-fed butter and their trademarked Brain Octane Oil to your morning coffee is a simple, delicious way to get some good quality fats into your diet. It gives you a mental and physical boost first thing in the morning too.

If we're feeling the post-Christmas bloat, what can we do to up our fitness game again?

Total body, intense, 10-minute bodyweight circuits. After Christmas, the thought of an hour in the gym can be daunting, so just setting yourself some achievable goals will help build that momentum back up for the start of 2017.

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