Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions

The Jaeger Card: Rewarding Style

Loyalty card terms & conditions


1. These terms and conditions (“terms”) govern the use of the Jaeger loyalty card (“Jaeger card”), participation in the Jaeger loyalty scheme (“loyalty scheme”), the collection and use of the loyalty scheme rewards (“rewards”) and any offers associated with the loyalty scheme. In these terms any reference to “Jaeger” is a reference to the Jaeger company’s shops limited and its associated companies.


2. These terms set out the terms of the agreement between the Jaeger company’s shops limited and holders of the Jaeger card (including any additional cardholders appointed pursuant to paragraph 16 of these terms) (the “loyalty scheme members”).


3. The loyalty scheme is open to all UK residents aged 18 or over. Jaeger reserves the right to decline to issue a Jaeger card for any good reason.


4. Subject to paragraphs 5 and 10 of these terms, rewards are earned and may be redeemed against purchases by loyalty scheme members within participating Jaeger Full Price Mainline stores in each case in the UK and via the Jaeger Full Price website (www.jaeger.co.uk). Qualifying purchases will not include purchases made at concessions within certain excluded stores (“excluded stores”) in the UK and purchases made in Jaeger Outlet Stores or online at jaegeroutlet.com. Please refer to our website (www.jaeger.co.uk) or contact customer services on 0845 521 0496 for up to date details on excluded stores.


5. Rewards cannot be earned and rewards cannot be redeemed where the following types of transactions are conducted: (a) the purchase of Jaeger gift vouchers; (b) delivery charges; (c) payments in respect of clothing alterations; (d) purchases of Jaeger products from any store or website which is not a Jaeger Full Price Mainline store situated in the UK or online at jaeger.co.uk. Jaeger reserves the right to change these exclusions from time to time upon giving reasonable notice of such changes to you.


6. The value of any rewards redeemed as part of a transaction will not be eligible to earn further rewards.


7. Rewards will be awarded on the basis specified in paragraph 8 of these terms or on such other basis as may be notified to you by Jaeger from time to time. The rewards will be calculated on the basis of qualifying purchases made by you during a specific period (“the reward period”). At the date of issue of these terms, rewards will be issued in February and August (the “issue month”) each year (or at such other intervals as Jaeger may from time to time determine). Rewards will be issued in respect of qualifying purchases made in the period between each issue month.


8. During each reward period, the amount of any qualifying purchases will be added together to form your reward total (“reward balance”). The table below indicates the basis on which rewards will be issued against the relevant level of reward balance. The spend thresholds indicated in the table continue (without an upper limit) at increments of £150 (with an additional £10 being earned in respect of each £150 spent) with no limit to the value of the reward that will be issued in respect of each reward period.

You spend, Your reward


£150    £20

£300    £30

£450    £40

£600    £50

£750    £60

£900    £70

£1050    £80


9. A portion of your reward balance may not be rewarded (“the unrewarded spend”) where the amount of your reward balance falls below the threshold for the award of a reward or falls between the thresholds for reward values. In the latter case the unrewarded spend will consist of the amount which exceeds the spending threshold for the corresponding reward value issued to you. The unrewarded spend will be carried forward to comprise part (or all) of your reward balance throughout the course of the following two reward periods. However, the unrewarded spend will revert to zero if it has not been redeemed by the issue of reward values on or before the anniversary of the end of the reward period from which it was first carried forward.


10. In order for a purchase to qualify as a qualifying purchase, the Jaeger card must be presented at the time of purchase at a participating Jaeger Full Price Mainline store or (where a purchase is made online at jaeger.co.uk) your Jaeger card number must be provided.


11. Your Jaeger card must be presented at the time of redemption of any reward and may only be used by the person named on it or the additional cardholder of the person named on it. If redeeming a reward value on the Jaeger website, you must insert details of your Jaeger card number.


12. Rewards are valid for use until the redemption date and must be redeemed by such redemption date. The redemption of a reward is subject to (a) these terms and (b) any further terms and conditions advised at issuance. Change cannot be given if the reward tendered exceeds the value of the relevant purchase and no cash alternative is available. Reward vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.. The reward value remains the property of Jaeger and cannot be re-sold.


13. Jaeger reserves the right to amend, cancel or withdraw the terms of this loyalty scheme at any time. Wherever possible, Jaeger will provide you with advance notice of any such changes. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms and any changes to them if, after receiving a copy of the terms or any notice of a change to them, you continue to use your Jaeger card or redeem rewards. The Jaeger card will at all times remain the property of Jaeger.


14. Where you request that the value of all or part of a qualifying purchase is refunded to you, you must present the Jaeger card or provide details of the Jaeger card number in respect of any refund being requested on-line in order that the refunded amount may be deducted from the reward balance. This may result in a negative reward balance where a reward has been issued to you in respect of the relevant reward balance prior to any such refund.


15. Reward balances cannot be transferred from one loyalty scheme member to another. A Jaeger card is not transferable and can only be used by the person named on the card.


16. Loyalty scheme members may appoint an additional cardholder (“additional cardholder”) by telephoning the customer services team. The additional cardholder will be issued with their own Jaeger card which will bear the same membership number as the loyalty scheme member. Additional cardholders will be deemed to have accepted these terms if, after receiving a copy of these terms with their Jaeger card, they begin to use their Jaeger card and to participate in the loyalty scheme. Transactions made by any additional cardholders on their Jaeger card will contribute to the reward balance of the loyalty scheme member.


17. Your Jaeger card may be cancelled for reasons such as fraud or a breach of these terms. If this occurs your reward balance will also be cancelled and no reward value will be issued in respect of such reward balance.


18. It is your responsibility to notify Jaeger of any change of address. Jaeger cannot be held responsible for rewards once they have left its control and will not be responsible for lost, delayed or undeliverable mail.


19. Jaeger may refuse to authorise the issue of reward values and/or to redeem rewards which have been issued if Jaeger reasonably considers the scheme is being used fraudulently by the loyalty scheme member or any additional cardholder.


20. If there is a query relating to your reward value balance, the loyalty scheme member will be responsible for producing (on request) any required proof of purchase for any transaction which has not been accredited towards your reward balance.


21. In relation to your personal data, Jaeger is the data controller. Jaeger and the companies within its group from time to time (including Jaeger holdings limited and the Jaeger company’s shops limited) will use the information you supply on the loyalty scheme application form together with information relating to your transactions, purchases and participation in the reward scheme for the purposes of administering the reward scheme and statistical analysis. We will also use your details for marketing purposes to allow Jaeger and its group companies to send you news of special events, offers, promotions and catalogues using the communication methods you selected on your application form or elsewhere. If you have given the relevant permissions on your application form or elsewhere, we will also provide your information to other carefully selected companies (who will communicate with you by the methods you have selected on your application form or elsewhere) who may have offers and promotions of interest to you. If at any time you no longer wish to receive such information or you wish to change your preferences, please write to The Jaeger Card at PO BOX 37, KING’S LYNN, PE30 4JA. We will share your personal information with Ikano Insight Limited who administer the loyalty scheme on behalf of Jaeger for the purposes of such administration.