Loyalty is Back

Haven’t you heard the good news? Our Loyalty is back, which means you can start receiving points on all of your online purchases again. Exciting, right? Find out how you can start earning those precious points below...


Step one

First things first, if you haven’t already reset your password then please do this or you won’t be able to access your account. The reason that you need to reset your password is due to our website revamp we’ve had to move your account details over to our new website. As your passwords are encrypted we can’t transfer them, so, this means you need to reset your password to use your account. Your username and password for both mainline and outlet sites are the same, and don’t worry – your passwords are secure on both our old and new websites, so no one can access your details.

You can reset your password now by following this link.

reset password


Step two

To view your Loyalty, please check that your Loyalty account number has been set up. To do this, click "Account Information" on the left-hand side and then enter your 8-digit Loyalty card number under where it says "Loyalty Number".


Step three

Once you've entered your loyalty number and clicked "Save", you'll receive a little message at the top confirming that your account details have been saved. And that's it, you can start earning towards your loyalty balance.


Step four

Whilst you can now access your Loyalty balance, we're currently working on redeeming your Loyalty rewards online (fortunately, you can still use them in-store), but as soon as you can use them again, you'll be the first to know.