Suede Care Guide


Taking Care Of Suede

6 ways to keep your suede garments looking stylish for longer...

1 Protect

To make sure your suede garments have a long and stylish life, invest in a good quality suede protector spray and use liberally before wearing.

2 Dry clean only

Suede must never be machine washed: specialist dry cleaners (who will most likely use green earth siloxane solution) are the only people you should entrust with these special pieces.

3 Rain warning

Suede wasn't designed for rain, but if you do choose to wear your garments in wet weather then a waterproof spray treatment will help to avoid water marks.

4 Stain removal

It may be tempting, but do not rub isolated stains on suede garments as the colour may come away. Leave it to the professionals...

5 Steaming

No: this is just as disastrous as machine washing.

6 Storage

Suede has a tendency to fade if left in a sunny spot, so be sure to store your garments in a dark place. Also, try to keep away from other heavily dyed garments (such as denim) to avoid the colours bleeding.

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