Silk Care Guide


Keeping Silk Soft

5 ways to care for your special silk pieces...

1 Check the label

First things first: check to see if your garment can be washed by hand or if it should be dry cleaned. If it's the latter, seek out a dry cleaner that uses organic or green methods for the best result.

2 Hand wash in lukewarm water

Silk is as delicate as your hair, so it deserves the same careful attention. Soak the garment in a clean bowl/sink using either a specially formulated silk shampoo or a gentle oil-free soap - a few minutes is more than enough. Then, dab dry or roll it in a towel (never wring or twist).

3 Stains

It may be tempting to spot treat stains, but this could cause the colour to fade. Instead, hand wash as normal or pay a visit your dry cleaner.

4 Wrinkles

Most creases will fall out if you hang the garment in a hot, steamy bathroom for an hour or two. But for more stubborn wrinkles, turn inside out and iron on a cool setting.

5 Storage

Always hang silk pieces in your wardrobe – don’t let them ball up in a drawer. For extra protection, invest in breathable (not plastic) clothing bags to keep them in.

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