Denim Care Guide


Taking Care Of Denim

8 rules for keeping your jeans looking as cool as the day you bought them...

1 Don't wash them (straight away)

The best way to wash your new jeans is not to wash them at all. If you can, try to avoid washing for the first six months to allow your jeans to develop a character and fit that's unique to you.

2 Head to the freezer

It may sound strange, but popping your jeans in the freezer for a few hours will eliminate any bacteria and give them a refresh.

3 Hand(le) with care

Fill a large sink with cold water and just a thimbleful of mild detergent. Turn your jeans inside out, submerge and leave to soak for at least one hour. After that, remove them from the water and gently rinse (again using cold water).

4 Go gently

It's best to wash jeans by hand as infrequently as possible but we know, sometimes needs must. Just be sure to turn your jeans inside out and wash them (ideally solo or at least with similar colours) using a gentle cycle and cold water.

5 Pass the vinegar

There are almost as many ways of treating stains on your jeans as there are ways of wearing them. Our go-to method? Soaking a sponge in white vinegar and dabbing the stain lightly.

6 Get some air

Hang your jeans up or lay them out flat to air dry in a warm room. Don't be tempted to tumble dry: this will only lead to shrinkage.

7 Heat things up

If you choose to iron your jeans, simply turn them inside out and use a high setting with plenty of steam.

8 Hang 'em high

We suggest hanging your jeans up by the belt loops to avoid any unwanted creases. What else to avoid? Hanging them in a sunny spot (this will cause your denim to fade) or next to light-hued garments (as the indigo dye may bleed onto them).

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