How to pack the perfect suitcase? One of our favourite fashion bloggers reveals her six secrets to success...

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Breton Tops
Number One

Pack Versatile Separates

Fail-safe white vests and Breton tops are definitely the way to go. They’re easy and will pretty much mix and match with everything. By day three, my suitcase tends to get quite chaotic so this makes things nice and simple.

Number Two

Keep Dressier Moments in Mind

You never quite know how dressy things might get in the evening (especially if you’re travelling somewhere new). My catchall is a pair of statement trousers which, with a simple vest top or camisole, will more than do for whatever restaurant or bar you end up in.

Number Three

Take Two Bags

I always pack two smaller bags in addition to my main travel bag or suitcase. These are easier to carry around during the day and won’t weigh me down. The Hart cross-body and tan saddle bag are not only a great size, but have room for all my essentials: sunglasses, purse, lip balm, sun cream, camera, and phone charger.

Number Four

And, Two Pairs
of Shoes...

For me, this would be some comfortable sandals ‒ perfect for everything from sight-seeing to dinner ‒ and lightweight plimsolls for walking and travelling in. Heels don’t get much of a look in for me these days!

Number Five

Don’t Skimp on Skincare

The one thing I hate when on holiday is feeling like I’ve left half my beauty products at home. So, if we’re checking in a suitcase, which these days we always do travelling with my four-year-old Gus, I pretty much bring my whole day and night routine: cleanser, exfoliator, face oil, moisturiser, and body cream. It keeps my skin in good condition and keeps me feeling like myself!

Roll your Clothes
Number Six

Roll your

Rolling your clothes definitely saves on space and you can see exactly what you’ve brought with you at a glance (to begin with at least)! It also has the added advantage of keeping your clothes relatively crease-free.

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