AW16 campaign

Have you worked with Boo George before?

Yes, I worked with him on a Vogue China shoot in Camber Sands a few years ago. It was such a great day ‒ I love Boo, he’s so funny. I was really looking forward to doing this shoot because of it! He’s super-chilled out and easy to be around. I also know the male models (Matt and Ben); we’re quite pally, so I knew it would be a good laugh.

You were scouted when you were 13, what was the best and worst thing about being so young?

It’s mad to think about it now. I remember going down to London to see the agencies after I was scouted with my mum, dad and brother and then going to the Rainforest Café afterwards to celebrate ‒ that’s how young I was! But, I wasn’t thrown into anything. The agency was really nurturing, and at that stage I was only doing a few test shoots here and there. In a way, I think it was good to start so young because it eased me in, so when I moved to London (when I was 18) it wasn’t such a shock. There were a few times I missed out on sleepovers with friends, but at the end of the day it’s all turned out for the best!

I used to wear pink pinstripe trousers, a band T-shirt and a hoodie with neon yellow stars

What's the most memorable modelling job you've ever had?

I was in Shout magazine when I was younger, and all the kids at school got a copy and they all thought I was famous. I was on the back advertising clear lip gloss, and I think the headline was something along the lines of ‘wear it without being caught at school’, which was pretty funny. Especially because I used to wear loads of black eyeliner to school ‒ I was a bit of a wannabe Emo. I used to wear pink pinstripe trousers, a band T-shirt and a hoodie with neon yellow stars!

What's the one thing in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

I’ve got this vintage leather jacket with a big Phoenix on the back, which is one-of-a-kind and it’s really cool. I wear it all the time. I love vintage clothes; I actually collect retro jumpers obsessively.

You're from Doncaster originally, how often do you go back?

I’ve not been back for a while so I’m itching to go home, but normally every couple of months. My mum is amazing at cooking, so I love going back for tea. She makes these amazing stews and homemade curries. And, me and my Dad have this tradition where we just sit and watch Poirot episodes back-to-back together.

If you weren't a model, what would you be doing? We heard that you're into politics…

I’m interested in it, which I guess is unusual for someone my age, but I wouldn’t want to be a politician! I think now, if I wasn’t modelling, I’d probably be taking a gap year with my friends and travelling around Thailand. I’m quite interested in shoot production as well, I like organisation and planning, so I think that could be something in the future I could get into.

If I wasn’t modelling, I’d probably be taking a gap year with my friends and travelling around Thailand

Talking of politics, you live with fellow models Eve Delf and Charlotte Wiggins ‒ are there any politics in the house?

I think Charlotte likes to think she’s the mum, and that she looks after us but she doesn’t really (she’s the oldest so we let her think that)! So, I guess that makes me and Eve the naughty little kids! No, but seriously, we’re all pretty chilled out and like a good laugh, so it’s fun.

Who makes the tea? We hear you’re quite particular about yours…

We all go through it like it’s going out of fashion! We all take it in turns really. Mine has to be strong with milk and two sugars, and it has to be Yorkshire Tea. Once someone bought PG Tips for the house (I think it was Eve) and I was fuming ‒ Yorkshire Tea is the only option.

LFW is coming up, where will the three of you be hanging out after the shows?

We practically live in the Groucho Club. Each fashion week, we say let’s try some cool new bars, but we always end up there. They do this great cocktail called a ‘Twinkle’, which is basically champagne with elderflower ‒ it’s so good. There is a place on Granary Square in Kings Cross called The Lighterman, which does looks nice so we might give that a go as well. And, there’s always Dishoom ‒ I love it there.

As a model, keeping in shape is part and parcel of the job ‒ how do you keep fit?

I used to be really good when I was younger, I used to dance four times a week and do athletics, but when I moved to London I got a bit lazy. I always say I’m going to exercise, and then I’ll go on one jog and die and give up. So, in the end I got a personal trainer. If I’ve booked and paid for it, I know I have to go. I hate letting people down, so I know I’ll make myself go.

I love the AW16 black jumpsuit ‒ it’s a great day-to-night piece

If you could recommend any book, what would it be?

It would definitely have to be Watership Down ‒ it’s my favourite. It’s the only book that’s ever made me cry ‒ not sobbing or anything, just a few solitary tears!

What AW16 pieces have you got your eye on?

The red wool coat for winter ‒ it’s so warm. I also love the black jumpsuit as well because it’s a great day-to-night piece.

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