We talk to the stylish woman behind British jewellery brand Lola Rose about her exclusive collection for Jaeger...

A 30th birthday is a pivotal moment in every woman's life, and that couldn't be truer for Nikki Gewirtz. It was on this milestone birthday that she was given a very special and life-changing piece of jewellery, which inspired her to create something just as beautiful (but more accessible). That's where British jewellery brand Lola Rose ‒ named after her grandmother ‒ began. For AW15, we've collaborated with the stylish designer on an exclusive capsule collection of delicate, semi-precious jewellery. We caught up with her to talk inspiration, individuality and MBEs...

How did you get into jewellery design?
About 15 years ago I was given a bracelet. It was a beautiful piece of jewellery, but when I discovered how expensive it was I felt guilty. I think everyone should have the opportunity to own something that is beautiful, real, timeless and affordable. So, I went to a Covent Garden bead shop, bought some semi-precious stones and books and started to bead bracelets. That is how the classic Lola Rose "Alfie" tumble bracelet was born. The rest is history!

Why did you choose Jaeger to collaborate with?
There's no other brand with such a great affinity to the Lola Rose customer; a brand that focuses on quality and unique brand positioning in quite the same way. To work with a British brand with such an illustrious history is an honour. I love British fashion, it often involves thinking outside the box and breaking rules, which results in the extraordinary and original.

What inspired the range?
For me, the biggest inspiration behind this collection was refined tailoring. I wanted minimalist cut stones that could be worn with a multitude of different outfits and to a multitude of occasions. Women like to wear nice jewellery during the day as well as for special events!

Tell us what makes these pieces special...
As with all of my pieces, it's the semi-precious stones that make them truly special. These unique materials give each item of jewellery a unique look and finish: no two items are the same. Some of them are millions of years old yet are incredibly contemporary. Colour is also a passion of mine and when many women lean towards classic shades for clothing ‒ black, grey and navy ‒ jewellery can be where they express themselves. I found the Jaeger collection particularly inspiring in terms of the palette ‒ effortlessly chic, exciting and full of energy ‒ so it was a real joy for me to create pieces to complement it.

Do you have a favourite?
Honestly, I love them all! If I was pushed to decide, it would have to be the Cornelia bracelet. It's a classic Lola Rose design that complements any outfit without taking attention away from it. I also think it's a great day-to-evening choice ‒ and as a designer I pride myself on creating versatile jewellery.

Who is the Lola Rose woman?
She is someone that looks for individuality; pieces that she knows are made from the finest materials. She's a discerning customer that follows fashion, but isn't dictated to by passing trends. She also has a strong sense of personal style and looks for unique designs and colour to complement her wardrobe.

Versatility plays a key part in your designs...
Yes, I try to make sure that there are pieces for all occasions. For example, the Bassa necklace is a great everyday piece that you could wear to the office but also works with more relaxed and informal looks at the weekend. And, of course, our jewellery must be able to rise to the occasion for a special event and the Bassa looks sensational with a cocktail dress!

What has been your career highlight?
Getting awarded with an MBE earlier this year for outstanding contribution to jewellery design was, without a shadow of a doubt, the highlight of my career. I was delighted and humbled ‒ the fashion industry has been incredibly supportive and to be joining the ranks of such eminent talent is such an honour. I believe that we must celebrate British design ‒ we have some of the finest talent in the world ‒ so my collaboration with Jaeger is the icing on the cake this year.

And, lastly, what Jaeger pieces are you coveting?
The beautiful grey suede coat ‒ I think I might have to treat myself! I think it will be perfect for winter with a cashmere cowl neck jumper and a piece of Lola Rose jewellery, of course...

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