Discover the inspiration behind our glossy Trim & Proper shoot, featured in Tatler's Best of British supplement this month...

A life-size topiary horse, a pair of garden shears, a wheelbarrow filled with flowers: this is not your average Jaeger shoot.

To celebrate all things British ? from fashion to food ? Tatler enlisted the help of their favourite UK-based brands (that includes Jaeger, of course) to take part in their new annual Best of British guide. "Jaeger has always been a part of the British fashion landscape. When I think of Jaeger I think of classic, well-made

clothes with a fun British twist," says Mariella Tandy, Tatler's Executive Fashion & Retail Editor. So, our in-house design team set to work creating a witty, irreverent and stylish shoot that would slot nicely into the glamorously funny magazine.

"The British are renowned for taking pride in the appearance of their gardens, so we thought that an English country garden theme was the perfect starting point," says our Creative Director of Womenswear, Sheila McKain-Waid. And, what else do we British treasure above all else? Our pets. Enter our meticulously crafted topiary horse and perfectly-preened pooches ? accompanied by chic Jaeger-clad owners. Then, we needed beautiful blooms ? roses, hydrangeas, tulips ? fit for the Jaeger woman's garden, which came courtesy of renowned florist Philippa Craddock. Lastly, and by no means least, there was the task of selecting the looks. Naturally, our Made in Great Britain pieces made the cut (no pun intended): a sleek ponkyskin jacket crafted from the softest leather and an effortlessly cool cotton trench ? to name a few.

The result? A wonderfully British shoot with a dash of wit thrown in for good measure. Just how we like it.

Jaeger Journal

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