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Here at Jaeger, we know a thing or two about using the finest animal fibres to make clothes. In fact, you could say that this is what the company's reputation was built on: Jaeger was founded in 1884 around Dr Gustav Jaeger's philosophy that wearing natural animal fibres next to the skin could ward off disease and keep you healthy. Dr Jaeger had a fear of harmful draughts and a passionate belief in the importance of fresh air being allowed to circulate around the body, and wrote, in 1884, an influential manifesto putting forward his beliefs. In order to thrive, the theory went, animals necessarily adapt to their landscape and climate, meaning that wearing their fleeces should keep humans both warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

Wearing natural fibres such as pure wool, Dr Jaeger believed, could cure obesity, blood poisoning, smallpox, scarlet fever and typhus - all conditions of which his society lived in fear. In fact, he prefaced his manifesto with a simple quote: "The first wealth is health".

This turned into a rallying cry to fashion designers to look at fabric, as well as form. This is where Jaeger, the company that proudly bears his name, found our passion for using only the finest animal fibres; a passion that we have continued this season with our coats in the finest alpaca, softest cashmere and warmest camel hair. Known as 'noble fibres' because of their superior quality, you can be sure that every time you buy a garment made from these seductive cloths and fleeces, you are buying a truly, special, iconic piece of clothing that will look after you as long as you look after it; something you'll love, wear and keep for years to come. Here's a guide to ones we are using this season.


Camel Hair

The Bactrian - the two-humped camel who lives in the freezing-cold plains of Mongolia and Tibet - has been a part of our history since 1908, when Jaeger broke new ground by introducing pure camel hair onto the commercial clothing market. Camel hair is fine, hard to weave and had, until then, been combined with other fibres. This super-soft hair - taken from the camel's undercoat - is one of the most opulent fibres used in fashion, and provides the ultimate insulation, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Tactile and durable, a pure camel hair coat rarely pills, meaning it really will stand the test of time.


Soft to the touch and wonderfully comfortable, this fibre is sourced from the fine, downy winter coat of the cashmere goat, native to the cold climes of China, India and Outer Mongolia. Beneath its thick exterior coat is a fine under-hair which is combed to provide raw cashmere. It was first used thousands of years ago to make handmade shawls in Kashmir (which is where the goat gets his name); Jaeger has a fine tradition of using it to make sweaters, rugs, socks and scarves. It takes the wool from four goats to make one sweater; we also have long cashmere cardigans, scarves and jogging bottoms. Much of our cashmere is knitted at Johnstons of Elgin in Scotland, a family business that's considered among the finest producers in the world.


Alpaca Fleece

The fleecy coat of the South American alpacas is renowned for being among the softest in the world, and was used for hundreds of years in Peru, Bolivia and Chile (the Alpaca's native countries) before it was introduced to Europe in the 1800s. Alpacas are inquisitive and observant animals that hum when they are contented, but spit when they are not! Their long, silky locks are stretchy and delicate, and provide a lustrous, compact cloth that may even just pip cashmere to the post for sumptuousness due to their slightly smoother cuticles and super-silky sheen. This season, our Alpaca fleece 'teddy' coat has been feted in fashion magazines for its stylish, long-length cut, fabulously warm colour and incredible tactility..


Merino Wool

Wool was central to Dr Gustav Jaeger's philosophies and as such has been a central part of Jaeger products for our entire 130-year history. Our first men's suit was made of pure wool, and back in the 1910s it was used to make sportswear, too. This season, our big wool story is that we have innovated by bringing pure Gostwyck merino wool exclusively to the UK for the first time ever. This feel-good fibre comes from a 'happy herd' of Gostwyck sheep who roam freely eating fresh grass on a stunning farm in Australia. But what's truly amazing is the ultra-soft feeling of pure Gostwyck sweaters, which have to be touched to be believed.

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