Slightly tapered - but not fitted - this is a slightly more contemporary cut with a shorter jacket and narrower trouser. If you normally wear a Classic fit, we recommend buying one size up in Modern.

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Notch: The 'notch' is the opening where the bottom of the collar meets the top of the lapel, which creates a step effect. The most common and versatile of lapel shapes, our Modern notch lapel is a standard width of 6.5cm.

Peak: This is a more formal lapel, normally found on formal or double-breasted suits. However, you will also find it on single-breasted suits (especially where pinstriped fabrics are used). Our Modern peak lapel is a standard width of 6.5cm.


Single: A vent is a cut in the bottom hem of the jacket invented for convenience (whilst also improving the hang of the jacket). We use a single vent on our Modern and Slim blocks rather than a double as less movement is required because the jacket is shorter, therefore meaning the seat of the jacket is higher.


Jacket - Jetted Flap: Created to protect the pocket's contents from rain, its 'flap' is now seen as a timeless (rather than functional) detail. All our flap pockets are 5.5cm in length.

Trouser - Jetted: This is the same construction as the flap pocket, but without the flap. Originally reserved for formalwear, it's now used as a contemporary accent to tailoring.