It’s not as easy as it looks, trust us. Here are three sure-fire ways to getting it right every time

No longer resigned to beach holidays and BBQs, shorts have firmly integrated themselves as an all-round summer essential. Yes, you can wear shorts with a blazer. Yes, you can wear shorts to smart/casual events. Yes, you can wear shorts to the office (dress-down Fridays only, of course). The first things to get right? Fit, length and fabric. The fit should be slim, the length just above the knee, and the fabric as light as possible ‒ think cotton and linen. Once you’ve got those sorted, it’s all about the styling. That, dear reader, is where we come in. It’s time to free those knees...

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Forget pinky rings, boat shoes and sweaters tied around shoulders

Do the Bright Thing

Forget pinky rings, boat shoes and sweaters tied around shoulders, the coolest way to wear coloured shorts is with a slim, short-sleeved shirt in pale blue or white (see above). Just add sneakers for lunch with the in-laws or drinks with friends.

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Add some Chambray

Lighter than denim but just as cool, a chambray shirt ‒ with the sleeves pushed back ‒ is a fail-safe partner to shorts. It’s also one of the very few acceptable shirts to wear with shorts (avoid Hawaiian prints and baggy linen at all costs). Layer on a bold knit when the sun goes down and you’re good to go. Oh, and it also might be worth booking a few more ‘leg days’ at the gym...

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Garden party? Christening? This relaxed short suit ‒ made from a light Irish linen mix ‒ will work for them all (and any other smart/casual event that comes your way). Pair with a Breton T-shirt and sneakers to keep it informal. Shirts and ties are a no, no ‒ unless you want to look like a man in school clothes. No, we thought not.

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