How to pack your holiday suitcase? One of our favourite style bloggers, Dan Hasby-Oliver, is on hand to help...

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Roll Your Clothes
Number One

Roll Your

Ironing isn’t something I wish to do while I’m away ‒ so instead I roll my clothes. This prevents creases and saves so much room. Popping shoes in shoe bags at the bottom of your holdall and placing rolled-up items in lengthways means you can pack less ‒ and fit in some local treats to bring back with you.

Number Two

Mix & Match

Aside from the obvious (yes, that means socks and underwear), the biggest fret is what to pack. After many years of regular travel, I have now mastered the art of minimal packing ‒ and have even been known to pack a whole week’s worth of clothes in a medium backpack! The truth is that I end up wearing the same things, but I swap pieces around to change up my look. For a four-day city break, here is my ultimate packing list...

Number Three

The Checklist

  White T-shirt ‒ as always, the ultimate wardrobe staple is your best friend.

  Polo shirt ‒ it looks equally great on its own or under a jacket when you’re at a restaurant.

  Navy chinos ‒ they’ll work with everything, and they’re comfortable enough to wear all day long.

  Unstructured jacket ‒ a must for evenings out, plus the shape makes it great for warmer climes.

  Knitted hoodie ‒ a little bit smarter than your average hoodie, it’s the perfect cover-up on chilly evenings.

  Casual sneakers ‒ wear them to and from the airport to save on space (and maximise comfort).

  Slip-on loafers ‒ whether you’re by the pool or heading out to dinner, they always look smart.

Number Four

Holdall vs Case

I’m a holdall kind of man ‒ they’re flexible enough to work as an airplane bag as well as a day or beach bag. A great black or tan leather style looks smart and, because it’s supple, allows for a certain amount of room to bring back any holiday purchases. Whilst a roller case is easier to use, there are so many regulations on size from airline to airline that you can’t have just one ‒ whereas you will only ever need one good-sized holdall.

Essential Extras
Number Five


I always take a small toiletry bag, wallet, tablet, notebook, pen and earphones as well as my smartphone, which all fits very comfortably into a holdall. Oh, and I almost forgot ‒ my passport. Now that would have been disastrous.

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