It's had its highs and it's had its lows, but this season the iconic British jacket is making a quietly confident comeback...

From its humble beginnings in the military to its association with pinstripe-clad bankers, there's nothing quite like the double-breasted jacket to divide opinion. Until now, that is. For Spring/Summer '15, the controversial cover-up returns in coolly modern reinterpretations that have helped to place it firmly back on the fashion map.

Its origins can't be confirmed, but it's widely believed that the double-breasted jacket dates back to 17th-century military uniforms and frock coats, when it was revered for its practicality and warmth. Our very own Dr Jaeger favoured the double-breasted jacket for those very same reasons, and included one in his first outfit composed entirely of natural fibres. Since then,

it has been worn by sharply-dressed gangsters, Hollywood stars of the golden age, and icons of the 80s and 90s ? you may remember (or want to forget) Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sporting his boxy, gold-buttoned numbers.

Although its past may be chequered, one thing has always remained: its flattering shape. Not only does the DB design accentuate your chest, it also creates the illusion of a slimmer waist. Clever. Plus, because it's constantly buttoned up, it never fails to look smart and put together. What more could you want from a jacket?

For spring, we've given the classic Jaeger design a well-deserved refresh. Cuts are slightly slimmer, fabrics are a little lighter ? linen, chambray, cotton ? and shoulder pads are well and truly gone. You're welcome.

We thought we'd leave you on a 'high' note...

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