Cut for a relaxed and comfortable fit, this is the roomiest of our designs thanks to a fuller body, double-vented jacket and straight-leg trouser.

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Notch: The 'notch' is the opening where the bottom of the collar meets the top of the lapel, which creates a step effect. The most common and versatile of lapel shapes, our Classic notch lapel is a standard width of 7.5cm.


Double: A vent is a cut in the bottom hem of the jacket, invented to make getting to your pockets or sitting down that little bit easier. We use a double vent to make sure the fit is as comfortable as possible.


Jacket - Jetted Flap: Initially created to protect the pocket's contents from rain, its over-hanging 'flap' is now seen as a timeless accent rather than a functional detail. All of our jetted flap pockets are a standard 5.5cm in length.

Trouser - Ticket: This can only be found on our classic cuts. Its origin is rumoured to be from the beginning of the railroad in Britain, when gentleman needed easy access to their tickets.

Trouser - Welt: Small and flat with a single lip, this is the most commonly seen pocket on the breast of a suit as well as the back of a trouser (as seen here). Again, this pocket can only be found on our classic cuts.