Corporate Social Responsibility & Culture



As a luxury British brand, Jaeger is committed to reducing its environmental footprint through its global supply chain. Corporate and social responsibility is integral to the principles of the Jaeger brand. Jaeger’s sourcing principles are designed to be fair, achievable, easy-to-access and to promote the on-going development of its suppliers and manufacturers to proactively manage their social responsibilities and ethical trade in partnership with Jaeger, as follows:


• Lawfully, through fair and honest dealings

• Without exploiting the people who made them

• In acceptable working conditions

• With regard to minimal impact on the environment – Jaeger requires assurance from its suppliers that all products comply with relevant national and international legislation, and that necessary steps are being taken to minimise environmental impacts arising from manufacture, use or disposal.


Since publishing its Global Sourcing Principles, Jaeger continues to review supplier profiles and carries out regular site visits with key and new suppliers, establishing their infrastructure, quality performance and management systems, prior to the production of goods and services for Jaeger.


Jaeger follows the letter and spirit of all applicable laws and maintains a high standard of business ethics wherever in the world it is operating. If in the course of visits Jaeger identifies instances of non-compliance to its stated principles it will seek to come to an agreement about the necessary improvements and time-scale in which they must be achieved. Jaeger is prepared to take action against any supplier who fails to meet these standards and in more serious cases this may involve cancellation of orders and termination of the trading relationship.