Cashmere Care Guide


Keeping Cashmere Soft

5 simple steps to keeping your cashmere garments as soft, beautiful and bobble-free as the day you bought them...

1 Hand wash in cold water

Before you get started, spot treat any stubborn stains with neat detergent (suitable for delicate garments), rubbing gently until the stain disappears. Turn your garment inside out and submerge into a clean bowl/sink for ten minutes, softly squeezing the suds through it.

2 Dry flat

Gently press (do not wring or twist) the water out of your garment over the sink/bowl then lay on a bath towel. Press excess water out with the towel, reshape and lay flat on a dry towel or drying rack.

3 Avoid pilling

Forget what you may have heard: pilling is not a sign of poor quality. Pills will form on all cashmere garments eventually; the trick is slowing down the aging process. How? With a cashmere comb, electric depillar or sweater stone.

4 No hangers allowed

It may be tempting to hang these special pieces in your wardrobe, but this will only cause the garment to stretch and lose its shape. Always keep your cashmere items folded in a drawer.

5 Pass the vinegar

There are almost as many ways of treating stains on your jeans as there are ways of wearing them. Our go-to method? Soaking a sponge in white vinegar and dabbing the stain lightly.

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