Meet the beautiful brunette fronting Jaeger's stylish Autumn Winter '15 campaign...

Model, actress, film director, philanthropist: Elisa Sednaoui can now add Jaeger campaign star to her stylish CV. Our green-eyed girl, 27, is just as famous for her personal style - minimalist, sleek, and coolly elegant. When she's not topping Best Dressed lists, starring in fashion campaigns or running her children's charity (the Elisa Sednaoui Dellal Foundation), the model is at home in London with her husband, Alexander, and two-year-old son, Jack. We caught up with her to talk David Bailey, motherhood and her AW15 wish list...

You were born in Egypt, grew up in Italy and have lived in France and New York, but now you are in London - how has your style evolved?
I think my style has become a lot more playful since moving to London, so now I mix and match a little more (I can wear fake fur with trainers, for example). That's what I love about British fashion: it's so unique and eccentric. It also has an androgynous, gentlemanly feel, which I love.

This is the first time you've been photographed by David Bailey - how was it for you?
It was a true experience. I have so much admiration for his work, his honesty and directness, and the detail he puts into each composition. He directs, you follow (which I did happily), and will even come to adjust a collar himself - you can see he has a genuine love of the art. I am curious to see myself through his eyes...

What does Jaeger mean to you?
To me, Jaeger encapsulates effortless English elegance, a love for quality, and enduring clothes that go further than the trend of a season. These are pieces you will have and wear forever. I feel so honoured to be representing a quintessential British brand as a new Londoner, and it was a pleasure to work with the team. I was particularly impressed by the elegance and taste of the Creative Director, Sheila McKain-Waid.

How do you balance motherhood, marriage and your career?
I just try to enjoy every moment for what it is, but it's a challenge for a woman in 2015 to work and have a family. You are always torn because you want to put 100% into being a mother and a wife, but at the same time you have your own ambitions to pursue. No matter what happens outside though, when I come home and see my son laughing; it's just the most important thing.

Lastly, what's on your AW15 wish list?
I love the soft shape of the melange wool coat; it's so elegant and cool (and the best companion for winter)! There's also nothing better than a big cashmere scarf, so I'm looking forward to cosying up in the grey wrap at home and while I'm travelling. Oh, and the cropped rib sweater - it's perfection!

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