From the mid-1940s to Spring/Summer '15, our signature logo just gets better with age...

Jaeger model holding 1970s clutch bag

The story begins with a talented British fashion illustrator: Francis Marshall. The well-known artist ? famous for his ten-year tenure at Condé Nast ? enjoyed a long association and relationship with Jaeger, which dated all the way back to 1936. After WW2, Jaeger (like most of the world) was looking to make a fresh start. So, Marshall set to work creating a softer, more natural image for our brand ? bringing back hand-drawn

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illustrations and simplistic 'straw' lettering after the bold typography of the 1930s. And, this included our iconic knot: a sleek, three-lined emblem that is now recognised as a true mark of luxury.

Since then it has adorned many a Jaeger piece throughout the decades, making a notable (and graphic) comeback in the 1970s. Fast-forward to present day, and we are still incorporating our historic logo into our collections. For spring, it shakes off its bolder past for a sleeker, more subtle look fit for the modern woman. Take our elegant nude Collins clutch, for example, or our minimalist silver cuff ? the perfect accent to every Jaeger outfit.

Here's to the next 70 years...

Jaeger Journal

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