To mark our founder's upcoming birthday, we reveal some facts about the man behind the brand...

OK, you may have been able to guess this one, but little Gustav Jaeger was born on 23rd June 1832 in Neuenstadt (a small town in the South West).

After gaining a medical degree, he moved to Vienna to study zoology where he co-founded and directed his very own zoo until 1866.

Yes, Darwin. During his time in Vienna he became familiar with his theories and had a brief correspondence with him about the plumage of pheasants.

It was this idiosyncrasy that led him to discover that animals seemed immune to the cold, and that their hair was a better shield than cotton, linen or silk.

The first edition of Dr Gustav Jaeger's book 'Health Culture' ‒ discussing the benefits of animal fibres ‒ was published in 1880.

He spent many years trying to persuade people of the benefits of wearing wool instead of cotton in extreme heat. No easy task.

Jaeger supplied woollen undergarments, caps, gloves, socks and blankets to the famous explorer for his Antarctic 'Endurance' expedition in 1914.